The Garage Sale Part 1

This is all stuff that I’ve built over the last probably 4 or 5 years. Most of it is builds of other folks’ projects or beta versions of my own stuff.

This is part 1. Part 2 is coming soon and will be mostly DIY components. Maybe other stuff I have.

  • All prices include shipping to the lower 48 of the USA.
  • Power cables or wall warts are included though may not be pictured
  • Unless noted, everything will sound and function as it should. Meaning sound good.
  • Everything uses high quality stuff. Nichicon, Panasonic, ELNA, Vishay/DALE, Alps, Edcor, Hammond, etc… no crap.
  • Unless noted, no technical issues with any of it.
  • Everything is hand made, has been used by me for some period of time, and probably sitting on a shelf for a while too.
  • Expect cosmetic imperfections, dings, chips, whatever. Most backplates were dremeled for things like square holes for USB inputs or whatever – they may not be perfect but work just fine. I’ll note anything cosmetic of significance. I’ll wipe them all down before shipping them off as there is some dust on a few items.
  • Garage sales means lemme know if you wanna haggle/bundle/make an offer/whatever

I’ll do my best do describe condition and anything of note with each item.

For fun all pictures were taken in my garage since it’s a garage sale.

Payment is via PayPal or something like that. Maybe Venmo if you really want.

Reach out via email to me at john at yerhot dot org or @yerhot on Twitter or text me if you have m phone number if you’d like to buy something.

Beta Dust Bowl headphone amp $300

This is an early Dust Bowl. I think there may be pictures of it on here.

  • Includes hilariously over sized Edcor choke and transformers
  • Tubes are DC heated not AC heated like production units. DC heating helps with any potential noise generating from the heaters.
  • Oak skirt
  • Aluminum top. The aluminum top is about 2-3mm too short so there is a slightly noticeable gap between where it ends and where the oak wood starts. It’s hard to notice. Doesn’t affect anything really.
  • Includes two 6С45П-Е tubes
  • Weighs a ton
  • No other customizations

On paper it is quieter than production units due to the insane choke and dc heated tubes but in reality it doesn’t really matter or produce insanely better measurements.

Overall condition 8/10

Soekris DAM1021 R2R Dac w/ extras $300

  • Soekris DAM1021 Rev 7 0.05%
  • AudioZen AZ1021 SK Lite OLED Control
  • R-Core transformer, simple LM317-based linear power supply
  • Amanero Combo384 USB => I2S
  • Optical Toslink input
  • Has a jack for coaxial input, but not wired up so doesn’t work. You could wire it.
  • Both RCA and XLR balanced outputs
  • Custom CNC’d front panel with acrylic “smoke” cover for OLED. Rotary knob for controlling input and other features of the DAM1021. It’s dope.
  • 2U Modushop Galaxy aluminum case

The DAM1021 is a great dac. Will play stuff at ridiculous sample rates, DSD, etc… usb & optical toslink inputs. Cut for optical in back looks bad but whateves its in the back.

Great R2R dac sound.

Condition 8/10

SOLD AD1862 R2R DAC $150

Based on what’s considered the best sounding dac chip ever the AD1862.

Boards and power supply are from the “Almost THT, I2S input, NOS, R-2R” built on DIY Audio.

Dac portion:

  • Standard board
  • Caps mounted under for each opamp rolling. Will include NE5534 opamps, you can roll tons of them – see thread for info
  • Registers are new old stock toshiba. Got some “vintage” ones that are dope.
  • Includes genuine AD1862 chips from Rochester Electronics
  • Amanero Combo 384 USB => I2S
  • I2S isolation board ensures no noise from USB ground (which is a thing) causes problems.
  • Optical Toslink and Coax
  • switch on the front for the different inputs.
  • RCA output

Power supply

  • 12V transformer
  • “PSU2” from the DIY Audio thread. Puts out +/- 5vdc and +/- 12vdc w/ LT1963A/LT3015 regulators. Stupid low noise and really nice.

Case is a 2U aluminum Galaxy enclosure from Modushop. Blue power light is a little too bright for my taste tbh.

Sounds as it should – really good.

Condition: 9/10

SOLD XRK Desktop Class-A headphone amplifier $140

Project is located here. This is the desktop version of the PCA. It’s a great class-a amplifier.

  • This one uses the two 2SK170’s from Linear Systems instead of the BF862.
  • Case is aluminum and from Aliexpress.
  • A few cosmetic scratches on the top cuz case’s black coating is rather thin. Not super noticeable though.
  • Cut on the front for the 1/4″ jack is a little rough but not awful. Not super noticable.
  • Power supply is a basic LM317 regulated one, amp runs at 20VDC
  • 24v medical grade transform
  • RCA input
  • Sounds excellent

Condition 7/10

Salas DCG3 headphone/preamp + DCSTB power supply $375

Legendary pre/headphone amp. This is a fairly stock build, only real customization is I built it with a skirt and aluminum top panel.

  • Stock build
  • Kinda cool L shaped heatsinks for the fets that do not cause the top plate to get super hot
  • Stepped attenuator for volume control. It was sourced from China though has been pretty good in my experience
  • RCA in and RCA out + 1/4 locking headphone out/
  • Mahogany skirt. Few small weird marks on the stain but not hugely noticeable.
  • Aluminum top is painted semi-gloss black

Hate to let this one go but honestly it deserves to be listened to. I really like the grain on the mahogany.

Condition 9/10

RJM VSPS phono preamp $80

Beta Version 6 from RJM. He kinda just makes updates to the project all the time so not sure how much info on version 6 is out there. I think there is a DIY Audio thread on it somewhere.

Anyways, sounds great to me, used it as my daily driver with my turntable for the last few years.

  • 12vac Transformer, fun chunky rectifiers, built in regulation
  • OPA2134 opamp currently installed
  • Mahogany skirt, can’t remember what the top wood is but it’s not mahogany.
  • Accidentally touched a few caps with the tip of the solder iron. Doesn’t affect functionality but a few small melt-y marks on a few of the wima caps.

Condition 7/10

Pete Millett Butte Headphone amplifier $50

Stock build of the Butte! Wood enclosure! It sounds great! Looks ok! At one point i picked up a small CNC and this was sort of the hello world project for it.

Condition: 7/10?

The little black amp is not included.


See that little black amplifier sitting on top of the Butte? It’s a CMOY. It’ll be included with one random person’s bunchastuff.

I’ve got stickers, some Yerhot Audio shirts, and random cables, IEMs, and other goodies that will be randomly thrown into orders too. Everyone will get a mystery extra-not-junk-goodie!


No warranty with any of this.

I’ve tested it all. It is all safe to use, though many of the amplifiers have wiring that is trivial to get to. Never touch anything inside, even if it’s turned off. Tube amplifiers especially can hold dangerous amounts of voltage in capacitors even after being off for a while. My tube amplifiers all use bleed resistors to drain it but be safe. Don’t mod any of them. Don’t do any work on any of them. Just enjoy them.

If you hit any snags I’ll do my best to help you out, though. Y’all know me.